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At Carson Solutions, we are devoted to improving the well-being of people and the occupied environments in which we work and live by producing innovative sustainable solutions that solve our customers’ needs and challenges.


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QLCI, designed by TROX┬«, combines the unique operational characteristics of thermal displacement ventilation with efficient active chilled beam technology in a unitary modular design. Through displacement ventilation, QLCI provides efficient and direct distribution of fresh outside air to the occupied space – improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and in a broader sense, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

Similar to traditional active chilled beams, the QLCI induces low sound airflow through a system of engineered nozzles; no auxiliary air moving device is required in the space. The quiet acoustics produced by the QLCI conform to ANSI Standard S12.60 which results in enhanced learning and teaching environments. To further support a healthier learning and working environment, the thermal displacement operation promotes immediate removal of space contaminants.

All displacement systems are not alike; explore the benefits of the QLCI and low velocity thermal displacement ventilation by contacting Carson Solutions.