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Carson Solution QLCI and Chilled Beam Selection Programs

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Carson Solution General

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Displacement Induction Ventilation Products

QLCI Marketing Brochures

CS_Intro_REV C QLCI-Technical-Brochure-v2.0 CS-System-Flyer-REV-F 20_10-CS-Newspaper-REV-E Owner-Flyer_G CS_Architect-REV-E Carson-Solutions-QLCI-Color-Card CS-Energy-Flyer_D Accessories-Brochure-online-1.2 CS_QLCI_IOM_v1.3 CS_QLCI_RFTH_IOM_v1.1
23_May QLCI Project References – Online CS_Breath-of-Fresh-Air-REV-A

QLCI Design Tools

QLCI Smart Submittal Samples QLCI Nomenclature 09-16-2022 NEW 23 82 14 – CARSON SOLUTIONS QLCI Cabinet Style Displacement Induction Ventilation (DIV) Units_August_2023 QLCI REVIT Zip

QLCI Marketing Videos

Carson Solutions Commercial with no BPI
Carson Solutions Overview with no BPI

Chilled Beam Products

Chilled Beam Marketing Brochures

Carson-Solutions-Chilled-Beam-Color-Card CB-H24 Flyer v1.3 CB-S24-Flyer-v1.2 CB-SV Flyer V1.0 CB-SH Flyer V1.0 CB-H24 Technical Brochure v1.4 CB-S24 Technical Brochure v1.1 CB-SV Technical Brochure v1.0 CB-SH Technical Brochure v1.0 CS_CB-H24_IOM_v1.1 CS_CB-S24_IOM_v1.0 CS_CB-SV_IOM_v1.0 CS_CB-SH_IOM_v1.0

Chilled Beam Design Tools

CB-H24 Smart Submittal v.3 CB-S24 Smart Submittal v1.0 CB-SV-12-Smart-Submittal-v1.0 CB-SV-17-Smart-Submittal-v1.0 CB-SH-12 Smart Submittal v1.0 CB-SH-17 Smart Submittal v1.0 CB-H24 Nomenclature 02-22-2022 CB-S24-Nomenclature-09-13-2022 CB-SV-12-Nomenclature-06-26-2023 CB-SV-17-Nomenclature-06-26-2023 CB-SH-12-Nomenclature-06-26-2023 CB-SH-17-Nomenclature-06-26-2023 NEW 23 82 14 – CARSON SOLUTIONS CB-H24 Active Chilled Beams_August_2023 NEW 23 82 14 – CARSON SOLUTIONS CB-S24 Active Chilled Beams_August_2023 NEW 23 82 14 – CARSON SOLUTIONS CB-SV-12 or 17 Active Chilled Beams_August_2023 NEW 23 82 14 – CARSON SOLUTIONS CB-SH-12 or 17 Active Chilled Beams_August_2023 CB-H24 REVIT Zip CB-S24 REVIT Zip CB-SV REVIT Zip CB-SH REVIT Zip

Chilled Beams: A Fitting Solution

Induction Unit Products

Induction Unit Marketing Brochures

CS-ID-Flyer-V1.0 CS-ID Technical Brochure v1.0 CS-ID_IOM_v1.0

Induction Unit Design Tools

CS-ID-12-Smart-Submittal-v1.0 CS-ID-17-Smart-Submittal-v1.0 CS-ID-12-Nomenclature-06-26-2023 CS-ID-17-Nomenclature-06-26-2023 NEW 23 82 26 – CARSON SOLUTIONS ID Induction Ventilation Units_August 2023 CS-ID REVIT Zip

CS-TAP Product Info

CS-TAP Smart Submittal CS-TAP Nomenclature 07-07-2023